Rules and Regulations

  • We expect the student to make the best use of the potentials in Ispaa to develop themselves as a professional.
  • The student must take the responsibility to mould himself as a dedicated knowledge seeker by attending the classes and assessments in Ispaa along with the self channelized learning methodologies.
  • Always respect the importance to keep the information for study support as confidential.
  • We welcome a free approach to our program leader regarding any issues during the course.
  • The teacher will focus on each student's course and discuss with other staffs who are associated with him during his course duration.
  • All teachers serves as the trusted guides and advisors to the students.
  • The teachers will ensure appropriate time schedule for each student if he requires an extra time.
  • Hands on expertise is a promise from Ispaa staff.
  • We monitor the study graph of each student.
  • Well organized work visits and weekly induction with other members of the program team.
  • Efficient program delivery that meets the student requirement is our main focus.

Rules for Students:

  • A professional conduct and behavior is expected from students
  • Misbehavior to tutor, students or other staff will not be allowed and the in such case the student will have to face disciplinary actions that can even lead to dismissal.
  • Use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Prescribed uniform and pleasant appearance is expected from every student in the academy.
  • Disciplinary actions will be taken against any misuse of published rules and regulations.
  • We expect appropriate care of institution and its surroundings from every student.
  • Eco friendly waste disposal is a strict rule in our campus.
  • Be a member of Ispaa family by participating in every aspect of institute.
  • Ispaa campus never compromise on punctuality.
  • On time completion of courses is expected from all students.
  • Be self responsible on every action you do in Ispaa campus.
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