Ispaa is a pioneer Spa Institute ignited in January 2009 with it's base in Cochin, Kerala, Southern India. It is the dreams come true of a leading Spa Consultant and Trainer Mr. Jude Joseph. He is a veteran in Spa industry with more than a decade experience with leading hospitality giants like Cannyon Ranch (US),Taj (Mumbai) and Hyatt (Dubai).He is an expert with international qualifications in therapy and fitness related subjects. He is a renowned Yoga Trainer with a Master's Degree from Svyasa University, Bangalore. He introduced a new methodology in Ayurveda and SPA Education. The passionate team of Ispaa has been conducting various International training and workshops. Ispaa focus on the transformation of a students to efficient professional healers. We train them mentally and physically to find themselves among the international spa professionals. Ispaa follows an authentic methodology in training students. We focus on giving individual attention by admitting a limited number of students. We train them with holistic healing procedures than normal spa massages. Ispaa offers short term and long term programmes in Spa, Ayurveda and Fitness related subjects. Training and Spa Course India is still developing and Kerala is Main hub of education with it's economic Capital , Cochin. After the completion of SPA Study we support the student in placements and we have the track record of hundreds of spa therapists and doctors working in this Industry. The well trained professionals who did Ispaa Ayurveda Education, SPA Education are now parts of five star spas, in-flight spas, cruise ships and medi spas across the globe.We emphasize on modeling the professionals on three major topics so as they could turn as expertise in Spa therapy. The three basics are Ayurveda, Holistic therapies & Yoga.

Ispaa is the worlds’ recognized leader in Spa and wellness training with their well known Academy in Kochi, Kerala, the beautiful southern state of India and is popularly known as ‘Gods own Country’ for it’s natural beauty and culture.We started the academy on 10th December 2008 as the first spa training Institute in the entire region and since then the institute conducts regular batches specializing in different spa modalities including beauty, spa management, fitness, yoga so on. We trained more than two thousand students from different parts of the world in Ispaa academy in Kochi and more than five thousand students in different workshops conducted in different international locations. As the number of unemployed educated youths increases day by day, Ispaa gives direction for them to get trained in wellness field and be placed with decent salary and professional growth prospective. In order to fulfill this aim ,Ispaa conduct subsidized training for natives and always remain committed to charitable activities. We provide100% scholarship for 2 students in every batch, if they are financially backward. For this commitment Ispaa received several awards and acknowledgment from reputed government agencies and organizations around the world.


Ispaa history begin from the early years of this century when a person named Jude Joseph started his journey through wellness field.He started his career as a fitness and Yoga trainer during 2001 and got interested by different spa treatments. Since then he start learning different alternative therapies from different parts of the world. He travelled many countries to find authentic Gurus to learn from and become an expert in major spa treatments. He holds several diplomas and degrees in different spa treatments including Yoga and Ayurveda. During his two decades journey through wellness industry he worked with several world famous spa organizations like Canyon Ranch (USA), Hyatt group(Dubai), Taj Group(India)are the few. Since the beginning of his spa profession he was having a dream of starting an Academy to teach all spa modalities under a single roof, so that it would open doors for unemployed youth to the spa industry. For this reason he spent maximum time for learning and travelled to the countries where the different treatments originated to learn the authentic methods. Finally South India’s premier spa academy ignited with an ‘Aha’ moment on 10th December 2008, in Kochi previously known as Cochin. During the first year ispaa focused on Diploma program on Holistic spa therapies and coming years we added different courses like diploma programs in Ayurveda, spa management, beauty, Fitness management, Saloon management and this year,2018, we started a new program called Spa Supervisory program, that companies all above programs for students looking for a multi task position. During 2013 ispaa entered in to a contract with Indian Navy to train the naval officer trainees in Yoga and Fitness. For the last ten years Ispaa give professional training support for major hotel groups in the country to upgrade their spa teams and we already completed several spa consultancy assignments to build up spa brands. Ispaa team is developing fast with number of highly knowledgeable faculties and management team.1


Spa industry is the most promising service industry in the field of hospitality all over the world having lot of potential in modern stress dominated world. Ispaa is the first professional spa training facility in India which teach all holistic programs including Ayurveda and Yoga. This academy provides the training in international standards and has the proven record of training more than 2000 professionals from all over the world. After 10 years of successful operation you could see our students in all major spa groups around the world in various capacities like Directors, Managers, trainers, therapists, fitness trainers, yoga teachers so on. Ispaa training programs are very authentic and training is our passion not a business for us. The fee structure is also very minimum and economical too compared to the value of information we deliver. Our placement records remain 100% since the beginning and always in touch with our passed out students to help the with various professional needs. They can come back at any time to refresh their techniques without any additional cost. I spa programs are managed by industry expert and it remains the most suitable practices in at the actual work space, and enables the students to start practice from the day one.

Our Mission
Ispaa aims at universal love and brotherhood through physical and mental health. We mold the chosen ones to be groomed as our representatives to educate and practice our mission in the modern world. So that we can make the world more beautiful with lots of hope and intensions in to the highest enjoyment of life. We focus on bring up a new generation with positive values and holistic approach to life. Commitment to Nature, by clearing the pollution from within, protection of nature starting from awareness and nobody can build awareness in a polluted mind. Community health programs to build a healthy and prosperous world with an appreciation to life and respect to nature.
Our Vision
Spa industry is comprised of different areas like international Spa Therapies, Yoga, Fitness, Aerobics, Taichi, Floor Exercise, Pilates, Beauty and Hair Treatments, Ayurveda, Swimming Pools Operations and Water Games, game items like Tennis ,Badminton, Table Tennis , Squash ,Billiards ,Skating ,Golf etc. Modern hospitality industry needs thousands of trained professionals to manage these facilities attached to Star Hotels and Resorts , Modern Gyms, Golf Clubs, Cruise Liners ,Day Spas ,Medi Spa, Saloons and so on . Ispaa training programs covers all necessary subjects free of cost and the students find its very helpful in their career path. Thousands of vacancies remaining in this field because of lack of trained professionals. ISPAA welcomes the young and enthusiastic educated youth to learn the promising course and get employed in a dream job with a high salary and luxurious lifestyle.