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Staff Training

Staff is the most valuable asset of any organization. In spa sector it's very important to take care of staff in a special way as the job is totally different than other departments. In spa sector staff working for relieving the client's stress pattern through personalized services like therapies, personal training, group training, consultations, seminars, etc. and most occasions the energy patterns of the guest can affect the service personals. They need back up and training for how to manage it, otherwise, the quality of services may come down and the staff turn over rate will increase. we provide training for working staff who is in the spa sector to upgrade their knowledge and skills. We have trainers specialized in marketing, personnel management, customer relation, stress management, soft skill development, etc. The training subjects are divided into different topics, few topics mentioned below, 

Therapy Training: Ispaa conducting training programs for spa groups in India and abroad for the last 10 years. Our trainers are internationally experienced and well qualified in their respective subjects. We have team of Ayurveda Doctors to conduct Training on Ayurveda and Naturopathy related subjects. They have years of experience in well known hotel groups and Ayurveda institutions. Spa and Holistic Therapy Trainers are having international degrees from CIBTAC and CIDESCO. The head trainers are worked with famous groups like Taj Jiva spa, Hyatt International Hotels, Marriott Huwan Spa and Canyon Ranch United States. We follow British and Swiss Standards in our training programs and it's really result-oriented too. 

Healing Procedures: We conduct training programs on healing techniques like Reyki, Pranic Healing, Touch Therapy, Meditation Techniques, Thai Yoga, Pranayama, etc. in relation to the therapies, the participants already practicing. In this way we focus on adding value to the holistic massages and making the therapy more professionally attractive. We get constant positive feedbacks from the existing clients regarding the improvement in revenue making capacity of the Wellness Department after the starting of the training sessions. You can see the changes from the first session onwards. 

Stress Management: Stress is the main negative factor that affecting the spa staff and it directly linked with the smooth running of the Department. Stress can be defined as the way the body responds to unexpected or new things which happen in day to day life, for spa staff it happens every time they deal with a client since all of them have a tendency to release the stress on the service providers, actually that is why they are in spa. So the staffs need training and motivation in a constant basis to avoid the issues among the staff. These trainings would definitely help to reduce the turnover rate of staff. Team building with a positive attitude and values are very important for a wellness center. 

Personal Grooming: Personal grooming does not mean only the physical grooming instead it also includes the grooming from inside or transformation of the service provider to a healer. This transformation is very important in the wellness sector since this is the only place where direct body contact is happening between the client and service provider. 

Customer Relation: Customer relation and communication is having different approach in the wellness sector, the methods of other departments’ won't work well in the spa area so additional training should be given in this subject. Our Communicative professionals would handle this part effectively. 

Hygiene standards: Hygiene means how to maintain the working tools and area clinically and professionally clean as spa areas are comparatively hygiene sensitive compared to other areas of the hotel. Therapists and spa staff need specialized training for maintaining the spa area, it includes service areas and non-service areas like a store room, staff room, office, pantry, machine rooms etc.


Spa Management Consultancy

Ispaa Started as a training firm during 2008 and was very successfull in that role. Several students trained under Ispaa fromm all over the world from Africa to America. During 2010, Kerala  Stae Health Department Ayurveda Directrate invited Ispaa to support their Sports Ayurveda Project and we trained 450 Ayurveda Medical Officers with Sports Mssage and Thai Massage methods. Then 2011 Ispaa Received an opperchunity to train Indian Navy Physical Education department Managed by INPT School in Goa and other centers. After that Ispaa conducted several training programs with different Five star Hotels and Resorts in India and abroad. From 2013 onwards we strted with full fledged consultancy service in spa sector and build up a number of projects so far.i The main services coming under spa management consultancy as follows,

Project planning and development: Ispaa consultancy team combrised of business analsts, marketing experts, IT experts, engineers, Fiancee Experts and wellness Experts. Together we do A to Z spa consultancy services from the project planning till operational level. 

HR Consultancy: It includes staff recruitment and training for different positions including Managers. We have few wellness companies whom we provide HR services for many years.

Staff Training: Ispaa conduct training programs for spa and other departments including reception, attenders, house keeping staff, store and retail staff etc. in regular intervals.

Auditing: Ispaa conduct different levels of auditing for spa divisions to monitor the service standards. This service includes mystery gust auditing, informed service auditing, entire spa facility auditing with appropriate check lists and reporting system.

Ispaa Academy Training: We conduct training programs for new recruits of hotels and spa chains. This is very profitable for the wellness and hotel companies as they could avoid hiring trainers and training facilities as per the respective spa SOPs.

Certification: We notice several spa staffs working without certification even though they are exceptionally skilled in their profession. Ispaa provide opportunity for the wellness companies to upgrade their staff with government certification as per the rules and regulations.


spa institute
Spa institute in Kochi

Seminars & Workshops

Yoga Workshops: Yoga getting popular all over the world even the Ayush department maid it compulsory in organizations and educational institutions. Ispaa Conducts yoga workshops in educational organizations like schools and colleges with soft skills, personality and leadership training. We also started yoga courses in Government Institutions like armed forces and jails. The training workshops also include counseling sessions and healing meditation sessions. We also conduct training in several international locations to spread the knowledge of yoga.

Soft skill Training: Ispaa also conduct soft skill training in its firms and educational institutions. Ispaa is one of the training consultants for the Indian Navy for their officer training academies in different locations. We also train Government Ayurveda Doctors for the development of the sports Ayurveda Department in Kerala.