Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that is based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and poor energy flow through the body. To fix this issues, blood letting through cupping therapy is very effective and is very traditional practice as well. Expert advised certain days in a week to perform it, and to repeat it in particular intervals. The main part of the cupping therapy is nothing but cups. In olden times, practitioners used fire to remove the air from the cup, to create the vacuum and the vacuum makes the suction of the skin into the cup. A small outlet is created using surgical blade or needles gives a passage for impure blood to come out without gravitational effect. The conjunction will be released when the deoxygenated blood taken out and the energy flow will be more balanced. That creates a healthy atmosphere within the body. A passage for oxigenated blood will be maid whenever we remove the impure blood or deoxygenated blood which is floating on a part of the body. As a result supply of vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, would be normal, which are very essential for cellular regeneration.

Main subjects in Chinese Cupping

Theory Sessions
    Module I
    Basic Health Sciences
  • Anatomy Physiology
  • Meridian Lines
  • Cupping Points
  • Indications and Contra Indications
  • Cupping Precautions
    Module II
    Client Communication
  • Client Handling
  • Pre Treatment Consultation
  • Handling Extreem Situations
  • Post Treatment Consultation
Practical Sessions
    Module III
    Cupping Therapy Protocols
  • Cupping Basics
  • Basic Massage Strokes
  • Indications and Contra Indications
  • Sanitation of protocols
    Module IV
    Treatment Practice
  • Getting Ready for Cupping
  • Dry Cupping Demonstration
  • Wet Cupping Demonstration
  • Hands on Practice
Requirements for admission
  • ID Proof Original
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • Notebooks, Pen, Pencils
  • Yoga Mat
  • Maximum pairs of sports outfit, shower towels and hand towels

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