According to easter philosophy underlying thai massage, the body is made up of an interconnecting web of energy lines through which prana, flows life energy. This is the force that supports and maintains all the vital functions of the body. It permeats all life and sustains all living things. It is in the air that we breath and the food that we eat. When the energy flows freely we enjoy good mental, physical and spiritual health. If the energy lines blocked, and the flow of prana is interrupted, it causes disruption and imbalance throughout the system. So, in Thai massage, practitioners stimulate energy lines by using pressure and passive stretches to maintain a free flow of energy through the whole body. The overall benefits of thai massage gives wide popularity all over the world. It benefits both the reciever and the practioner as both are practising together. For the reciever it improves the joint mobility and the musclular endurance. Same time deep sense of relaxation as well. The need of touch that is essential for every living being also will be fullfilled through thai massage. A person who is not willing to do strainful exercise stretches for yoga aasnas can choose thai massage as a good option. Since, the practitioner takes the mental and physical strain, while the reciever is relaxing. Same time they recieve all benefits of physical exercise. And when a person goes for regular routine of thai massage the reluctance to the exercise will reduce day by day and eventually become a sportive person also will start enjoying physical exercise routines. It happens because the body concentration will change as a result of Thai Massage practice.

Main subjects in Diploma in Thai Massage & Shiatsu

Theory Sessions
    Module 1
    Thai Massage
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Basic theory Thai traditional medicine
  • Classification of Thai massage
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Indications
  • Benefits and contra-indications
  • Consultation
Practical Sessions
    Module II
    Basics of Thai massage
  • Massage Movements and Techniques
  • Meridians
  • Pressure Points
  • Measuring Methods
    Module III
    Thai Massage Level I
  • Demonstration
  • Correction sections
  • Hands own Practice
  • Cross Training
    Module IV
    Thai Massage Level II
  • Advance Level Stretches
  • Maintaining Classical Postures
  • Body Balancing Exercises
  • Step by Step Demonstration
  • Correction
  • Cross Training
    Module V
  • Basics of Japanese Medicine
  • Shiatsu Points & Meridians
  • Shiatsu Demonstration
  • Hands on Practice & Correction
  • Cross Training
Diploma Certification After Completion of Course
    Course Fee & Other Expenses
  • Course Fee, Indian Students: INR 18,000 (After Government Subsidies)
  • Course Fee, International Students: $360 (Government Subsidies Are Not Applicable For Other Nationalities)
  • Hostels & Paying Gust Accommodations Are Available With Additional Cost
  • Please Contact on WhatsApp Number for Available Dates
  • +91 9388844344
Internship: Student will get chance to go for on job training after the academic program.
Requirements for admission
  • ID Proof Original
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • Notebooks, Pen, Pencils
  • Yoga Mat
  • Maximum pairs of sports outfit, shower towels and hand towels

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