Ispaa Panchakarma Certificate Program aims at giving deep knowledge to the students about the Kerala special therapies which is a part of Ayurveda tradition. The approach is totally different hence the kerala therapy styles are differ from the rest of the areas. There are many people from all over the world coming to get deep knowledge about Panchakarma Therapies, as they want to practice the same with what they already practices. Ispaa Institute aims at enriching individual students with easy learning syllabus and practical oriented scedules. We newly collaborated with a famous UGC approved university, Jain University, to become the first institute to provide University Diplomas in Panchakarma as well. The certificates are Internationally valid and students can search job anywhere in the world. Students who wanted to make a career in wellness industry can choose this course as the course is designed for the one who want to become a holistic therapist with proper knowledge in Panchakarma. Our therapists, who are expert in Panchakarma Treatments are highly demanded in work field and getting great respect from their clients. We will find suitable placements for our passed out students in International Wellness Centers. Our students are very successful with the Ispaa signature approach to holistic treatments . Please be strong and make a decision now itself to contact us and gather all information. Ispaa focus on the transformation of a students to efficient professional healers. We train them mentally and physically to find themselves among the international spa professionals.

Main subjects in Panchakarma

Theory Sessions
    Module I
  • History and tradition
  • Sareera (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Dosha consultation
  • Dravya and Bhaishajya (Food, Medicine and their preparation)
  • Purvakarma (preparation procedures)
  • Paschatkarmas (Post Treatment Care)
Practical Sessions
    Module II
  • Basic Treatment Protocol
  • Client Consultation
  • Abhyagam (Ayurveda Massage)
  • Shiro Abhyagam(Head Massage)
  • Thalam
  • Sanitation Protocols
    Module III
    Treatment Preparation
  • Treatment Room Arrangement
  • Medecine Preparation
  • Treatment Session Opening & Closing
  • Healing & Touch Therapy
  • Basic Yoga
    Module IV
  • Vamana(emesis)
  • Virejana(purgation)
  • Vasthi (medicated enemas)
  • Nasya(Nasal treatment)
  • Rekthamoksha (blood letting)
  • Paschatkarma
Requirements for admission
  • ID Proof Original
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • Notebooks, Pen, Pencils
  • Yoga Mat
  • Maximum pairs of sports outfit, shower towels and hand towels

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