Swedish massage is the first scientific style of massage which is formulated on the basis of modern anatomy and physiology. Since, it is more scientific in approach, Swedish massage received wide acceptance in Europe and America for the last two centuries. It become a common term, it become a synonym for SPA massage and even common people knows about Swedish massage. This massage style is now practiced all over the world and we can’t think about a spa menu without having a Swedish massage in it. Swedish massage created a benchmark for SPA treatments in different styles. No matter whether it is Asian style or oriental style.

Dr.Per Henrik ling is considered the father of Swedish massage and was a Swedish doctor who combined different body workout methods into a massage technique. His knowledge in modern physiology and anatomy helped him to develop various movements which can be incorporated with a massage routine and is known as five classical movements or Swedish massage. From 1830-1839 Ling taught in Sweden and his technique got wide popularity in Europe. And by 1851 he found 38 Institutes to teach this massage style. After his death, Johann Mezger follower of Ling divided Swedish massage into three different styles. Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue massage and Lymphatic Drainage massage are the three different styles created by Mezger to treat the bodies in different conditions.

The classical movements of Swedish Massage

Dr. per Henrik Ling created five classical movements to apply the Swedish massage strokes effectively in a massage routine. The classical Movements gives an arranged and organized outlook of the massage. Each classical movements are working on different levels of the body.

i             Effleurage

ii           Petrisage

iii           Friction

iv           Vibration

v           Tapotment

Benefits of Swedish massage

Physiological benefits

massage improves the functioning of various systems of the body mainly on circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal system, and integumentary system. Swedish massage improves the circulatory system by promoting the blood circulation and lymph circulation, that improves the muscular function and joint mobility. Swedish massage also improves the muscular system by improving the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, that improves the sportiveness of a person. It indirectly promotes other systems like digestive system, reproductive system, endocrine system etc.

Emotional benefits

Sometime massage treatments are used subconsciously to satisfy the emotional needs that nurturing the touch fulfills, dose of acceptance, care and attention. This can result in the release of emotion during treatment. Tears coming out from the eyes making sounds without meaning, laughing, sigh are the signs of emotional release during the massage. In very rare case the clients show anger as they let down their defenses in the safety experienced with their therapist.
Sensual relaxation

The relaxation response evoked by the massage affects the senses and induces sense of happiness. Stress hormones and cortisone levels are reduced and youth hormones will be activated. It brings about high energy level and youthfulness that creates new vision and new approaches to the life. So, that a massage can be a life changing experience as well.

Psychological effect

Clients receiving Swedish massage regularly become more aware about their body it turns the massage routine to a journey of self discovery as the client learns how it feels to be relaxed and in tune with their well being. Client also develops an increased awareness of what is happening in different parts of their body. This all helps the processes of taking responsibility for one’s own health and happiness. Poor body image and low self esteem have been known to decrease after massage treatment, as individuals become more comfortable and knowledgeable about their bodies.

Energy levels

with increased feeling of well being, many clients experience a sense of renewed energy. This can be emotional or result or better physical mobility. Swedish massage is a good example of the use of massage to enhance performance. Professional athletes claim that, prevent massages can increase efficiency by up to 20%.