In fact all the massages are relaxation massage, but the area of focus of relaxation makes differences in different massage style. In relaxation massage the practitioner focusing on ultimate sensual relaxation of the client. The senses are collecting the information from the outside world through different sensual organs and this information analyzed by the brain and the canalization process creates different feelings in us. Those feelings are called sensation. And it can be stressful sometimes and these stressful sensations will remain with us for a long time. It will be stored in our memory and that leads to stress. In relaxation massage the practitioner focusing on creating a very pleasant physical and mental environment to the receiver. So that he/she can be stay away from physical body. Staying away from the physical body itself will create relaxation feeling as the physical body is the reason for all stress in our life. 

In the relaxation massage the practitioner focusing on mainly two classical movements of Swedish massage that is Effleurage and Petrisage. Other strokes are avoided because they are far deeper and more physical workouts. When a person looking for ultimate relaxation. He/she can’t bear even slight pains, which can be created by friction or Tapotment movements. That’s why we avoid Friction and Tapotment movements, which we are performing relaxation, massage. Speed and pressure level are very crucial in the process of relaxation massage. The pressure will be medium pressure and speed will be slow. Basically the practitioner should perform in a slow meditative, relaxing and pampering manner. Creation of ambience is also crucial. Light levels, temperature, sound, the color patterns and even kind of equipment used in the treatment must be arranged technically. All these things are having its own roles to play in creating a relaxation feeling in the client’s physical and mental body. In relaxation massage the touch is the most important thing. Therapist needs to create a touch not from the hands but from the heart. Even a negative pattern of thought, which is passing through the practitioners mind, will create negative impulses in the receiver’s body, that can affect the relaxation level. So, the therapist needs to transform himself or herself as a healer from their therapist status. They need to understand the difference between a therapist and a healer. A therapist is a skilled worker who is having professional knowledge in different massage style. But a healer is a holistic person who is having more in light into healing and having a passion to do that. 

Who can take relaxation massage?

A relaxation massage is a better option for a person, who is feeling the need of touch or deprived from personal touch. For example, a person is separated from family for along time or staying away from the family, a person who is facing the emotional break ups, a person who is tired of having hectic brain activities, a person who is recovering from a major illness.

How to read a client?

We can understand a person by observing his way of talking , concentration level, pattern of movement, and be able to suggest he most suitable massage style for them. This is very important in massage practice. The treatment will end up in a disaster, if we choose a wrong massage style. A person facing mental stress can be differentiated by observing their behavior, they won’t be able to focus on anything particular, they won’t listen to what we are explaining, they won’t be patient enough for the arrangements, they must be reluctant in filling up the assessment form, they can be short tempered, they are restless, and they clearly shows the intention of starting something very fast.

Benefits of relaxation massage

Relaxation massage calms down the senses and creates the person more productive. And increases the confidence level to face. Strong realities of life. After relaxation massage a person increases vitality, courage, physical strength and creativity. All chakras will be balanced, and the signs of the blockages of the chakras will be absent. It reinstalls, all positive nature, which is part of the person’s basic character. We can expect an overall improvement in the personality of a receiver, after a relaxation massage. Relaxation response evoked by massage improves the nervous system and reduces the stress and anxiety. Stress hormones and cortisone levels are reduced. And nerves soothe. The relaxation massage can also improve sleep patterns of those with insomnia. Changes of a chemical and physiological nature from negative to positive. And the release of endorphins stimulated by massage reduces feeling of depression. Some times the receiver even shows the signs of emotional releases.