Indian head massage is an energizing upper body treatment. It covers scalp region forehead, neck and shoulder. The massage relaxes muscles using a number of swift percussion movements, and ends by stimulating the scalp, with the option of using nourishing oil for the hair. The giver needs to maintain a balanced posture and concentrate on keeping a straight spine, so that the energy flow on the practitioner will be proper. The energy between both participants is a vital ingredient for this form of massage. Both the practitioner and the receiver should be in a meditative mindset focusing their attention on their energy body. The vital points of the upper body also will be covered during the massage.

History of Indian head massage

As the name says, Indian head massage originated in Indian peninsula previously called, “Bharat”. And is developed as a part of ayurveda tradition. The term ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit meaning science of life and is the complex system of ancient philosophy and the medicine in which Indian head massage has its roots. Ayurveda considers balance and moderation to be essential for health, with body and mind being inexplicably linked. According to Ayurvedic thought the universe is made up of five elements – ether, air, earth, fire and water. And human beings and all other living beings are made up of combinations of these elements. Three doshas theory, chakras, marma points are the different approach of Ayurveda tradition, also relevant in Indian head massage. Archaeologists excavated the evidences of ayurveda and Indian head massage practices in Indus valley civilization archaeological sites, which existed during 2500 BC. This study reveals Indian Head massage and ayurveda is one of the oldest Holistic treatment method, and there is no other head massage styles in western world. Indian head massage is also locally known as “champi” for its vigorous movements and percussion methods. The beauty of Indian head massage is that, it can be performed almost anywhere without having advanced treatments or devices.

Benefits of Indian head massage

Sensual relaxation

Indian head Massage relaxes the senses by creating a meditative mindset to the receiver, meditation is one of the best method of sensual relaxation. The receiver will be in a different world during the time of receiving the massage, so that he or she won’t be connected with the disturbing factors of physical life. It gives, complete rest to the brain as well by promoting sleepiness and its a good remedy for insomnia.

Physical Relaxation

It gives an increased feeling of well being the receiver experience a sense of renewed energy, that contributes to the confidence level as well. All the upper body muscles will be relaxed and circulation towards the area will be improved. The marma points are covered during the head massage routine, most of the marma points are similar to the motor points of different muscles, It improves muscle’s endurance levels. By promoting more circulation towards the upper body it gives more vitality towards the facial organs. Since is brain is getting more supply of oxygen. Indian head massage can improve the brain activity and reduce the stress level.

Psychological benefits

Indian head massage promotes the awareness of self by promoting inner consciousness. It disconnects the senses from bringing information about the outside world, that creates a possible atmosphere to the mind to concentrate on inner silence. Eventually the receiver feels a calming down effect physically and mentally. It creates a sense of touch, as the touch is the most essential feel for our physical and psychological relaxation. It improves the confidence level of a person. That increases the productivity, creativity, vitality and spirituality.