Lomi lomi massage is the traditional holistic massage style of North American islands commonly known as Hawaiian Island , and it is part of United states now. Lomi Lomi is a word from Hawaiian language which means, ‘ to rub’ or ‘to massage’. In lomi lomi massage the practitioner moves his/her body according to the Hawaiian music rhythm and the practice seems like a dancing method. And the practitioners use more of their forearms instead of palms and fingers. The practitioner is fully involved with music and truly in a meditative mind set. And this massage style is very common in Hawaiian tourism spots and different islands in Hawaii having their own style of lomi lomi massages.

Some Background

lomi Lomi Massage techniques passed down to the younger generations by family teaching methods. Since there were no formal teaching facility, to teach a standard style, we can see a number of styles of the massage exists. The first known Hawaiian to teach Hawaii massage was, Aunty Margaret Macado, who taught until her death in 2009 and many practitioners do the massage in her tradition. However number of variations are available including one based on the teachings of another early teacher, Abraham Kawai. Some other styles can be named as mana lomi, sacred Lomi and Hawaiian temple body work.

Traditionally Lomi Lomi was spiritually important component, and practitioners begin by saying a prayer to themselves. This massage incorporates the Hawaiian concept of ‘ aloha’ which means love, unification , breath and promotes personal harmony. Even in modern practice, Lomi Lomi therapists are taught to focus on the massage with love and intention. The main different between Lomi Lomi massage and western massage is the ‘loving touch’. In lomi lomi massage every practitioner having an intention of seeing the happiness of the receiver and they focus on the well being of the client more than the benefit of their work.

Lomi lomi massage philosophy

The Hawaiian people believe the experiences of life and the hereditary factors are stored in each cells of our body and certain negative pattern of the same creates diseases and discomfort. And they believe the touch of a massage which is performed in a sacred environment can be relieving and cures a person from the diseases. So, they used Hawaiian massage style as a treatment method and traditionally performed by their persist known as ‘kahuna’. In olden times they practiced lomi lomi massage in their worship places.

What is Lomi Lomi Massage good for?

Physical benefits

It releases muscular tension and joint mobility, it has more positive effects on circulatory system. The client can experience more better cardio vascular energy. Detoxification process will be more by activating lymph circulation.

Psychological benefits

Since, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is practiced as a religious ritual. It would bring many psychological benefits also. It is said that all medicines and therapies are creating fifty percent role in healing. The other fifty percent is depends on how the patient is taking it?. Since Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a religious ritual performed by a spiritual person, the trust and belief from the part of the receiver is much higher and the possible divine intervention is also relevant.