Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that is based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and poor energy flow through the body. To fix this issues, blood letting through cupping therapy is very effective and is very traditional practice as well. In Muslim religion prophet Muhammad Nabi highly recommended cupping therapy for regaining the health, for maintaining the health for his followers. And he called the therapy in a different name called Hijama and advised certain days in a week to perform it, and to repeat it in particular intervals. National center for complimentary and integrity medicine a body working under health department advise cupping therapy as a proven alternative therapy method.

History of cupping or Hijama

Cupping therapy have been practiced for centuries globally. The historical evidences which prove the practice of cupping therapy from china, Egypt, Greece, also from India. It is believed cupping therapy started in china around 5000 years ago. But the first documented medical test was found in 1550 BC in Egypt. After that, Hippocrates medical book also described about the practice of letting out the impure blood as a part of different treatments.

In ancient region mainly in India, blood letting is practiced as a part of Ayurveda treatment and they call it by the Sanskrit term ‘rakthamoksha’, and is still practicing in panchakarma treatment. In ayurveda blood letting is done with the special specie of leeches, which will drink only deoxygenated blood and also using common surgical methods. Cupping therapy was commonly practiced in roman empire, Islamic empire, Europe, Persia, south Asia and the united states. It was very popular during the middle ages and 18th and 19th century Europe. Right now it is more popular in china, Finland, Russia and many Muslim majority countries.

What is cupping?

The main part of the cupping therapy is nothing but cups. In olden times, practitioners used, fire to remove the air from the cup, to create the vacuum and the vacuum makes the suction of the skin into the cup. A small outlet is created using surgical blade or needles. Gives a passage for impure blood to come out. Without the gravitational effect. When the deoxygenated blood is floating in the tissues, released the conjunction of that are is free, and the energy flow will be more balanced. That creates a healthy atmosphere within the body. Whenever we remove the impure blood or deoxygenated blood which is floating on a part of the body. It gives, passage for the oxygenated blood to fill that area. And supply of vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, which are very essential for cellular regeneration.

The difference between Hijama and Chinese Cupping Therapy

‘Hijama’ in Arabic literally means, ‘to suck’ and to ‘return to a normal state’. It ultimately helps the body to create balance and healthy alkaline environment by removing acidity. Hijama cupping therapy is a holistic, super powerful detox which removes toxic and stagnant blood from the body. It expels negative , unhealthy elements from the body, and allows it to replenish itself. The prophet in Islam advised to practice Hijama for the well being of the believers and he named it Hijama, ever since it is being considered as a practice of Muslim community. But the term cupping is a common word which is used world wide to describe the treatment method. Hijama and cupping therapy processes are same.

The medical benefits of cupping therapy(Hijama).

Hijama cupping is an excellent form of preventive and curative therapy. The following are the main benefits of it.

1 It boosts the circulatory and immune system.

2 It cleanses and detoxifies the body

3 It relieves pain

4 It reduces water retention

5 Cupping is good for different diseases related to muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, and urinary system.

Hijama cupping is more effective when it is done in empty stomach. It increases the intellect and improves the memory. It also works in emotional stress level. It also serves to alleviate mental, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical issues. It is very relaxing, disperse anxiety and depression